Socially Responsible Investing: Aligning your investments with your values

Your values are important to you.  Whether you feel strongly about protecting the environment, staying true to your religious beliefs, or fighting human rights violations, investors are increasingly concerned about whether their investments line-up with their values and beliefs.  

This class is designed to give you an educational insight into socially responsible investing, industry trends, and practical ways in which you can go about aligning your investments more closely with your values and beliefs.


Social Security Planning for Women

Whether you are married or single, divorced or widowed, there are certain strategies you can use to give you more benefits over your lifetime. Whether this is a first step for you, or you are someone who has been planning for retirement all along, gathering information about Social Security and other sources of income in retirement is what you need to do to take care of yourself financially.

This course is designed to share some of the unique benefits available and educate women on the importance of timing the filing for social security benefits.


Long-term Care:  Basics & Protection Strategies

Would you be shocked to know that 70% of all of us over age 65 will need long-term care?  As we all are finding ourselves caring for aging parents, it is vital to stay informed on the various financial planning options to address the rising costs of long-term care.  This class will review some basics of long-term care, funding options and hybrid strategies being used today.

Whether you are still working, planning for retirement or in retirement, this class will help clarify what expenses you may encounter in later years and how you may want to begin planning to protect your assets and take control the type of care you wish to receive.


Ready to Retire

This class will lay out the important questions that you need to ask yourself, as well as provide you with practical ways to assess your preparedness and progress towards retirement security. 

We will discuss how to identify your various sources of income including Social Security, pensions and investments, as well as how to calculate a realistic estimate of health care costs and other expenses in retirement.   In addition, we will review how to identify, and protect, against various risks to your retirement security, such as a long-term care event or premature death of a spouse.


Medicare 101

Whether you are approaching your initial enrollment for Medicare or you are considering changing plans, this session will help educate you to the basics of all parts of Medicare, the options, deadlines and potential penalties when deadlines are missed.  The session will discuss the premiums costs, considerations when selecting a carrier, supplemental programs available to seniors (i.e. prescription programs).


College Planning:  Strategies for College Funding

Whether you are just beginning to plan for college for young children or struggling to gather info for the FAFSA form, this session will review many strategies and options to help you prepare for college funding.  We will review college savings plans, how assets are viewed for financial aid consideration, and how to coordinate available college resources.

Discussions include pre-planning FAFSA completion, aid eligibility, disputing financial aid eligibility determination, investment vehicle options and types of aid offered.

Social Security for Baby Boomers

Timing is everything!  Social security is a pivotal component to your decision making and confidence regarding your income in retirement.  This session will go over the basics of social security, including the impacts of working in retirement, timing of benefits filing and how life changes can impact benefits.

We will offer a free social security analysis to those that attend.


Small Business Planning:  What is my business worth and can I retire?

As a small business owner, your business is key to your retirement.  This initial session is focused on the purpose and benefits of a business valuation.  We will discuss how a comprehensive business/retirement plan can help prepare you as an owner to one day sell, transfer or exit your business for your own retirement.

We will discuss the various resources available to enhance the value of your business and make you competitive with other small businesses, discuss some basis tax strategies and deferral programs and risk management for you and your business.


What will your Legacy Be? Charitable Giving for the Every Man 

This session will share ways to realize your philanthropic goals while simultaneously helping to reduce taxes, increase estate values, provide lifetime incomes, and protect beneficiaries.  We will uncover some of the ways to use forgotten resources, leverage appreciated assets, old insurance policies and utilize investment vehicle solutions with legal entities (like trusts), to efficiently achieve your charitable giving goals while not adversely impacting your plans for and in retirement.


How the Avoid the common mistakes Women make planning for retirement

This course will focus on helping educate women on some of the most common mistakes made when planning for their retirement.  So many women are unaware of the benefits and risks they have in retirement.  Even for those that are married and have not worked outside the home, it is critical to consider planning to someday have to live alone in retirement.

We will review subjects including employer retirement plans, risk level of investments, social security benefits, healthcare impact and income replacement needs.  Knowledge is power and this class can help you evaluate your current plan or get you started on a new retirement plan today!