At Simmons Capital Group, we offer assistance with the selection and enrollment in a Medicare plan that best fits your insurance needs and help you navigate changing coverage needs throughout retirement. If you are turning 65, ready to retire or losing coverage under your employer’s plan, you may be eligible to enroll now.

It is important to know the basics of Medicare and its important deadlines for enrollment. Delays in enrollment can cause lifetime penalties in the form of higher premiums.

Which Plan Should I Choose?

Step one is always to do your homework and compare what your current coverage provides with the various Medicare coverage plan types. Below you will find the basic plan types and a general description of what they each provide. Keep in mind that it is important to review your current care providers and medications to ensure the plan you choose will allow you the ability to see the doctors and specialists you prefer, along with the ability to have coverage for the required prescriptions.

The good news is, that over time should your needs change, you will have at least one opportunity each year to change your plan as appropriate. Scroll down for two (2) useful downloads.

We invite you to call 518.406.5624 or use Request Form below to schedule an appointment to discuss your retirement health plan options. Thank you.

Disclaimer: By submitting this form, a financial advisor may call or email you to discuss Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Prescription Drug Plans, and Medicare Supplement Insurance. This is a solicitation for insurance.

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Here are two (2) informational flyers with Medicare information for your review and download.

Medicare FAQ’s (download)

Medicare Health Plan Options (download)