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Let’s face it, your employees are likely experiencing stress and worry about their finances. According to a recent study, over 70% of employees admitted to spending time at work worrying about or thinking about their finances. This is a direct cost to you in the form of lost productivity, workplace turnover and employee accidents.

Your first response is likely something like: “I can’t afford to pay my employees more,” or “I can’t afford to send them to school to learn about personal financial management.” The reality, however, is that investing in financial wellness doesn’t necessarily mean paying employees more or sending them to school. Financial wellness often just means giving employees some tools and guidance to better understand, manage and plan their own financial situation and future.

Top 5 Money Stressors Facing Your Employees:

  1. Retirement Savings

  2. Credit Card Debt

  3. College Loans

  4. Rent/Mortgage

  5. Emergency Savings

Financial Literacy Education from Simmons Capital Group (VIDEO)

About Financial Literacy Education & Getting Started

So, let’s say that you want to invest in your employees’ financial knowledge to help them learn to budget, get out of debt and save and invest towards their future goals. How would that even work, and more importantly, what would it cost? It’s pretty simple:

  1. We meet to learn about your employees. This is important as it allows us to tailor the program to the topics that will be of the most interest to them. 

  2. We set dates for group classes, typically a 4 to 8 week program.

  3. Optional one-on-one consultations with a Simmons Capital Group financial planner.

Surely this has got to cost a ton?! Not at all. You are really just paying a Simmons Capital Group financial planner for their time. The typical cost is about $150 per hour. A minimal investment to get your employees to a place of financial security and peace.

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