Mission & Values


"Our goal is to improve the financial well-being of others locally, regionally, and globally. Our success is measured by how well we enhance our clients' lives."

Investment Philosophy

As a team comprised of independent adviser representatives we have spent years honing our skills and seeking out the finest resources to develop the solutions that best match our clients’ unique personalities and objectives. Our primary expertise lies in portfolio design and management. At Simmons Capital Group, we understand that the decisions leading up to retirement are critical, and we believe that the implementation of investment risk management strategies is the key to sustaining a comfortable lifestyle in retirement. 

Our investment methodology focuses on strategic asset allocation with special attention given to minimizing risk and seeking to provide consistent, competitive returns. We strongly believe that a portfolio diversified across non-correlated asset classes will likely fare better during periods of economic turmoil, helping our clients attain their financial goals and objectives. 

Utilizing advanced investment strategies, proven tax planning techniques, and industry-tested technologies, we seek to deliver exceptional service to clients of all ages and income levels.


Steward/noun/(stoo-erd) is a person who manages the property and financial affairs of another.

Simmons Capital Group was founded with stewardship at the core of its mission. Strong ethics and family values are the building blocks of our organization, and we understand that our role with clients requires great responsibility and accountability. We have an obligation to improve the lives of those we serve, and we understand the impact we have when providing advice to our clients. As a financial planning firm, we know that education is empowering for our clients. We seek to share all facets of each option we present and recognize that our clients are then more capable of making sound financial decisions. Stewardship demands a corporate commitment to ensuring the satisfaction of our clients.

At Simmons Capital Group, we deliver on this promise with a daily focus on consistent communication and maintaining constant accessibility to meet clients’ needs. This is made possible with a team of seasoned professionals who work together to get to know each and every client personally. These same values extend to legacy planning and our desire to meet and service multiple generations of a family. Without the distraction of commission-oriented products, our fee-based model allows us to build strong relationships with our clients. We will meet regularly with you to share ideas, research, and observations to ensure we always provide the service and support you deserve. As trusted consultants, we are focused on being good stewards and providing honest, objective financial advice to better guide our clients’ financial lives.